Camshaft Timing & Valve Adjustment

1. The camshaft will have one large hole at 12 o' clock and a small hole or line at 3 o' clock and 9 o' clock.
2. Set the cam in the cradle with the large hole facing outward, and line the two small holes or line with the top of the cylinder head. (see fig 1.)
3. Now tilt the camshaft and slide the cam chain over the gear, remember the engine must be at top dead center (TDC), that means the piston is all the way at the top of the cylinder.
4. To set TDC, remove the spark plug, remove the small rubber plug on top of the flywheel cover, so that you can look down the hole at the fly wheel.
5. Using a 14mm socket turn the fly wheel until you see the letter T on the fly wheel line up with a line that has been cast in the case.
6. Now the piston should be at TDC.
7. Unlock the lock nut on the tappet and using a feeler gauge adjust the valves to .004mm clearance. I now some people will say it should be .005 or .006 but we find .004 works best. Lock the lock nut into place, and now you should be good to go.
Congratulations, you have adjusted the timing and the valves!

fig 1.

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