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Ruckus GY6 Fatty Conversion Kits

These kits are easy to install, no cutting, or welding needed. We have made it easy for you to select the Ruckus conversion kit that meets your budget. Simply click on the part description to see a photo of that part. Remember we also offer powder coating.

We also offer excellent tech support to our customers, call, email or text anytime for help 404.483.6740

stage 1


stage 2


stage 3


stage 4


throttle cable        
brake cable        
short axle        
rear shock black        
fuel pump        
wiring hiriness        
CDI, Coil, regulator, flasher relay, starter realy        
Handlebar Switch Controls Black        
Fatty FMF Exhaust        
Motor Mount Bolt On 7" or 8"        
GY6 150cc Long Case Motor        
Uni Air Filter        
Clocking Flange        
Rear Hub 4/110        
Rear Wheel Fontana 12x7 or 12x8        
Rear Tire 140/70-12 Mounted        
Hub Cap & Lug Nuts        
Front End Kit With Disk Brakes Black        
Front Wheel 10" Spoked Black        
Front Wheel 12" Fontana        
Front Hub        
Axle Spacer Kit        
Front Tire 100/60-12 Mounted        
MGY6 Rear Frame With Weld On Mount 7" or 8"        
Slammed Low Front End Kit With Disk Brakes Black        
Low Boy Rear Shock        

    FREE Custom Wheel Upgrade When You Order Any Of Our Kits! Visit the wheels page and you can select any of our custom 1 piece wheels at no additional charge.

    Additional shipping charges apply to these kits!

    All the kits above are custom made to order and are not returnable or refundable once the order has been placed.